Why the RUSH to Go?

Many times, what is intended for good often becomes slowly, and imperceptibly altered to embrace what is not good. Sex education in our schools was developed to counter sexual pressure and bullying. Unfortunately, it is now being modified to include acceptance of transgender, and new definitions such as sexual identity, sexual expression, and sexual preference. These “options”  encourage children to question their “assigned gender identity”.

Have you seen the Genderbread Person or the Gender Unicorn? These colorful images are being used to teach children transgender terminology in sex education classes.  Coloring pages are also available.

California and New York are leaders in revising sex education and history texts to be transgender friendly. However, we can be assured that changes are appearing close to home. Austin ISD is rolling out a new sex education program that will introduce children as young as the third grade to sexual identity and expression.

UT’s Moody College of Communication interviewed Kathy Ryan, the director of academics at AISD. In the article she says, “In third, fourth or fifth grades, the district wants to add topics on body image, managing emotions, consent, sexual orientation and gender identity, HIV, healthy relationships and the reproductive process.”

What’s happening in Austin is not an isolated event.  The article points out that the district is using the National Sexual Education Standards, which were created by a group of nonprofits that advocate for comprehensive sex ed. The standards are used in schools all over the country.

While we don’t touch on these issues in our camps, we do have a sense of urgency. Children need to understand that the world was created with intelligent thought, and that God created them in HIS image for a purpose.