Camp Rules

On your enrollment form, you will be asked to confirm that you have been given the opportunity to read these policies. If you have questions, we would love to talk to you! Please feel free to contact us at

❤ Please complete an enrollment form for every child attending.

Snacks and Meals:
 No snacks or meals are provided. Please bring a snack and a lunch. Snacks and lunches should not require refrigeration or warming.

All classes will begin on time. 
Please plan to arrive according to the pick-up schedule. If someone other than yourself is picking up a child, you must let us know in advance; they will need to present a drivers license so that we may confirm their identity. Since we must confirm the identity of anyone picking up a child, you must physically come in to pick-up your child.

Discipline and Guidance: 
Positive praise will be used to encourage a child’s good behavior.
We will use encouragement for children that are acting out merely because they are frustrated or discouraged. 
If a child is taking advantage of a privilege they could lose it.
 Redirection, and exhortation will be used to redirect a child. 
If necessary we will call parents.

If a child is not respectful of others, property, or equipment, we reserve the right to terminate services at any time.

Illness: If a child seems unable to comfortably participate in activities, or if a child requires more care than we can adequately give and still engage with the other children, we will call you to pick up your child.

Course Setters will not dispense medication except in the event of an emergency (ie. an inhaler for breathing, or an EpiPen injection).

Medical Emergency: 
In the event of a medical emergency, our priority is your child’s safety and the safety of the children in our care. We will call 911, and administer any CPR or first-aid that’s needed. As soon as we deem the children are safe, we will call you.